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My name is Lourdes Fernandez US immigrant and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, now residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I am a determined advocate of turning your hardships into something positive not being defined by your past but using those struggles as a stepping block to reach your true potential.

I grew up being a true multipotentialite from a very young age constantly changing, evolving, adapting, wanting to learn new things, and experience as many things as I possibly can winning multiple awards and being recognized as an elite along the way. Being a multipotentialite is what I believe to be my strongest asset and what brought this online store together bringing all my skills and knowledge to one place that I have learned throughout the years, and now get to share with others.

I've designed affordable workout gym wear for the "Everyday GOAL Digger" and am creating life changing online courses to assist you in all areas of life, to help you become the best version of yourself!

I am eager to continue growing and evolving in the upcoming years and to work with like-minded GOAL Diggers that are looking to improve in all areas of life.

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